At the Wolf Center, we know that kids are the key to the future. They’re the ones who will be inheriting the planet however we leave it and they’ll be the ones who need to tackle any environmental issues thrown their way.


But they won’t know what to do or won’t care to take action if they don’t love the world around them. People tend to brush off what they don’t understand or what they don’t connect to. That’s why we work to help people understand our nation’s carnivores, because people won’t realize how essential they are, won’t respect them as part of their environment if they don’t first learn and understand. 


If we want our kids to be good environmentalists and conservationists, we need to show them the way sooner rather than later. When that respect for wildlife is formed early, they’ll carry it with them in everything they do. They’ll take action to protect animals and natural resources.


This is so important because, with today’s technology, it isn’t very often that children get to go out in nature. This can cause problems for children when it comes to their attention span, using their senses, as well as their physical and emotional health. It’s called Nature Deficit Disorder.1&2 Without being exposed to nature enough to appreciate it, they won’t care what happens to it.


Building respect for nature can come in many forms:

  • Walks outside
  • Camping trips
  • Nature documentaries
  • Books on their favorite animals
  • Experiments in science class
  • Family discussions1&3


Engage your children to think about the natural world around them. Pose questions and discuss the answers. Lead the way when it comes to conserving water and energy.3&4 This will solidify their interest in nature and therefore make them want to protect it. 


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