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With subjects ranging from biology and ecology to science experiments to wildlife film, there’s something to keep your students curious and engaged. Each educator has a Connect tab that allows you to post your questions in their Classroom! 

Christopher Montero

I was born and raised in Costa Rica, where I was fortunate in having ample contact with nature in this country of exuberant tropical ecosystems.  My enthusiasm for wildlife began at an early age with a large focus on reptiles, but in time my interest expanded to other groups of organisms. I also explored natural history and conservation which eventually led me to do my studies at university in biology and natural sciences. Read More >>

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Alan Lacy

Alan Lacy is a multi-award winning filmmaker who is passionate about the natural world, and has been enthralled with wildlife since childhood. He works to make the world a better place for both nature and people. Coming from a background in aviation and business, he adapted his skills to the world of wildlife filmmaking, and simultaneously fell in love with it. His first film, “Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest” is an award winning documentary that has screened internationally. Read More >>

Jeremy Heft

Jeremy was born and raised in Quakertown, located in the heart of suburban Southeastern Pennsylvania where humans greatly outnumber wildlife. From an early age, Jeremy was drawn to the outdoors and spent every waking minute in whatever nature could be found around his community. Heavily involved in sports throughout his youth, Jeremy pinnacled his athletic career as a high school football all-star and track & field champion. In addition to sports, he was also involved with Boy Scouts, achieving Star Scout rank, where he learned a multitude of outdoor skills that would later be a huge benefit to his subsequent career in wildlife studies. Read More >>

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Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is a devout Pacific Northwest wildlife enthusiast with a passion for others connecting with nature. Chris began his journey in science in 9th grade when studying in Mrs. Cappovilla’s biology class. Biology and ecology run deep in his blood as he works to develop the programs and outreaches of the Wolf Education and Research Center while also running a science education company called Owl Brand Discovery Kits. Read More >>

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