Fleas are annoying for both you and your dog. This is why it’s essential to take the threat of fleas seriously and make sure you have preventative measures in place so that they never become a problem.

Dogs can pick up fleas from outside and other animals. Once a flea has decided to make your dog its host, the issue can grow exponentially. One flea can lay a couple of thousand eggs, which hatch within ten days. These get transferred to different surfaces anytime your dog lays down or shakes – which means that fleas aren’t just present on your dog, but everywhere in your home and yard.1

Fleas love warm weather, usually between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels between 75% and 85%. Fleas can make your dog very uncomfortable, especially if they’re allergic to its saliva. This can cause serious itching that leads to scratching and in turn causes hair loss or skin infections.2

When it comes to treating fleas – the first and best option is prevention.Prescription medicine from your vet is a great option, but there are other over-the-counter options as well, like collars, topicals, and oral medications.2&3

If your dog already has fleas, patience is required, as it can take about four months to fully get rid of all the fleas in your home.3 You need to take care of fleas on your pet, in your home, and in your yard.

  • Start by washing all dog beds and surfaces your dog likes to lay or sit on in hot, soapy water.1&2

  • Vacuum carpets frequently and immediately throw out the bag.

  • Foggers can handle the rest of your home.2

  • Sprays can also be used in the home or in your yard to get rid of fleas.1

If you’re planning on getting a dog, make sure to start flea prevention as soon as you can. If you don’t already regularly treat your dog with flea medicine, starting to do so is important so you don’t end up on a months-long journey to get rid of the new guests infesting your home.

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