We discuss how important outreach is all the time. It’s vital to developing someone’s interest in science and uncovering the misunderstandings that our carnivores face every day.  

What does our outreach look like exactly?

At WERC, we partner with local agencies, parks, schools and other educational groups to put on Passport to Wildlife: Biology Immersion Outreach. Young students and their teachers connect directly with wildlife professionals to learn more about the world around them and the fascinating animals that live in it.  

The experience builds a foundation of appreciation for our carnivores, which inspires the next generation of wildlife enthusiasts and professionals. These are the people who will be taking up the mantle of our mission in the years to come. 

We currently have plans for outreach in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana, and are ready to expand even further.  

Your donation really helps us accomplish our goal of reaching as many people as possible. It makes a big difference in allowing us to run our events and educate about our carnivores.

If you haven’t donated to us yet, please take a moment to support us in whatever amount you can. Donate here or click on the button below.