Pale Foxes can be found in central Africa in desert plains.1 These foxes have a similar form to red foxes, but with some notable differences, such as having longer legs and ears, and differently colored fur.2 Out of all the canid species, they’ve been studied the least.1

What we do know is that there are five different subspecies of Pale Fox. They are about 1.5 feet long and weigh between 3 and 8 pounds. They have large ears that help them locate prey and shed heat.1 Pale Foxes also live in burrows with their offspring. These burrows can go up to 2 meters underground and be 15 meters in length. This is where they’ll stay until they go out to hunt when night falls.3

When Pale Foxes mate, the female will gestate for about 50 days. Afterward, she’ll have about 3-6 offspring. These foxes will travel to other regions in Africa depending on whether drought hits the region they’re currently in.3

Pale Foxes are omnivorous.3 They’ll eat insects, fruit, eggs, rodents, and lizards.1 They get a lot of their water from the prey they eat, so they can stay hydrated without drinking water directly.3

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