Striped Polecats are also known as Zorillas or Zorilles, and they can be found throughout Africa – from the east coast to the South.1 They are about 12-16 inches long, which doesn’t include their tail. Their tail will add another 8-12 inches.2 They look very similar to skunks found in North America and will spray predators in the same way that skunks do, too!(Get a look at one at night here)

Striped Polecats have sharp claws that allow them to dig and climb.3 They are nocturnal.2&3 They also tend to be nomadic and solitary.3 They live in a variety of habitats, from grasslands to deserts to rocky mountain habitats. They can be found in elevations of 13,000 feet.1

The only time Striped Polecats will be social is during mating season.1 When females give birth, they’ll usually have about 2-3 offspring after 6 weeks.2&3 Typically, females only reproduce once a year, but if anything happens to her litter, she can reproduce again.3

Striped Polecats are carnivorous. They’ll hunt down rodents, insects, rabbits, reptiles, and birds.2&3 This is actually very helpful when they live near agricultural land because they keep the rodent and insect populations under control and help prevent damage to crops.3

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