Side-Striped Jackals are a species of jackal that can be found in tropical areas of Africa. They live in wooded areas and can be found up to 2,700 meters up.1

They differ from other jackals in appearance because they have shorter legs and ears. They have lighter-colored fur and have black stripes on their sides and a white stripe from their elbow to their hip. They also have white fur at the end of their tails.1

Side-Striped Jackals have a high reproduction rate and overall, a stable population trend.2 They are monogamous and usually have a litter of 3-6 pups. These pups will leave the care of their parents at about 11 months old.1

These jackals are nocturnal and sometimes live in small family groups. These groups will have specific calls that only other members of their group will understand and respond to. Predators to these jackals include leopards, hyenas, and eagles.1

These animals have a flexible diet and they’ve been able to co-exist around humans on the fringes of towns. However, they do face retaliation from humans because they are often carriers of rabies, which can cause them to be poisoned or trapped and killed.2

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