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They are one of humankind’s oldest friends. They enrich our lives in so many ways. Understanding them provides insight into how to care for their emotional and physical health and links us profoundly to their ancestry — the wolf. Join our team in a study of Canines, their history, behaviors, and even tips to give them the best life possible. That’s simply what a best friend does.


Carnivores are often mythicized in various ways, mainly as dangerous creatures of lore and legend. Wolves, bears, large cats, and other carnivores are essential to self-managing healthy ecosystems and wildernesses. Join our team as we delve into what makes these animals unique and a great partner to humankind as we work to manage our wild and not-so-wild spaces.


Learning about carnivores can be fascinating. However, the landscape could be profoundly and dangerously altered without the stewardship of apex predators. Our team discusses the recent brief history of the conservation of apex predators, factors that led to threats to survival, and steps to protect their future. From articles to interviews, join our expert biologists and ecologists.

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Explore a decade of the Sawtooth Legacy Quarterly, coming back as the Passport to Wildlife, a digital and by-mail publication. Below are some of our favorite magazines that you can read right here on the website!

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