Check out our recent Passport to Wildlife event!

FIRCREST, WASHINGTON  More than 500 children and parents visited the Passport to Wildlife (P2W) booth on Saturday, July 16, in Fircrest, a town in the heart of Tacoma, Washington.

Disgustingly cool!” was how one young explorer described dissecting owl pellets provided by education sponsor Owl Brand Discovery Kits. Next door, fellow P2W exhibit partner Wolf Haven International recorded over 600 guests who learned about regional carnivores. Their explanations of various animal scat, mammal sizes, and fascinating characteristics were a hit, with families enjoying the two-day event.

Passport to Wildlife is an outreach of the Wolf Education and Research Center (WERC), a regional educational nonprofit. WERC President Chris Anderson describes, “Our goal is to introduce young people to science through activities that pique their curiosity. Not just biology and ecology but also graphic design, film making, and more — everyone has a contribution to make toward better solutions for our human responsibility for wildlife.” 

In Idaho, Jeremy Heft also conducted educational activities at Winchester Lake State Park, as our WERC team performs every weekend. Jeremy reports, “WERC’s programs at Winchester’s amphitheater are on track for a possible record-breaking attendance count this year—and we are just getting started!  So far, we have welcomed 288 campers to our programs alone, and I know the rangers have been seeing good attendance at the park’s presentations too.”

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