Meet Curt Moothart! He’s one of our classroom instructors! Check out his story:

Curt was born and raised in Decorah, Iowa – a small town known for its Norwegian heritage, hiking trails, Dunning’s Spring Park and Water, and the world-famous Decorah eagles! Raised on a large Quarter Horse farm, a lifelong love for animals and nature was established early on.

He attended Luther College and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. Curt’s passion for teaching young children is evident when you look at his work. During college, he spent free time coaching tennis. After graduation, he moved to the Bahamas and taught second grade for three years.

It was then he took up a job with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, where he facilitated the youth activities onboard the cruise ships and traveled the world. Learning about and exploring different countries during his time with the cruise line left a big impact and has influenced his entire adult life.

After seven years of traveling the world, Curt moved with his wife, Heather, to Dallas, Texas, and started their own company, High Touch High Tech. Their mission is to bring hands-on science experiences directly into the classrooms of elementary students. They’re in their 20th year of serving children throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

A love for the outdoors is something everyone in Curt’s family shares. They love to camp, hike, swim, play sports, vacation on the beach – anything outdoors and in the sun!

Curt also takes mission trips to bring schools, freshwater, farming opportunities, and his love for science to Uganda.

Curt is one of our classroom instructors! Check out his classroom here.