Passport to Wildlife Mobile Classroom & Theater

What is it worth to engage with the next generation with the promise of deep convictions and actions that make environmental stewardship a societal norm? What if that could be done in an inspiring and engaging way? We think it can.

Mobile Classroom & TheaterThe Mobile Classroom & Theater is a regional outreach of the Wolf Education & Research Center in partnership with education minded sponsors who care deeply about inspiring the next generation of wildlife stewards. The purpose of this outreach is to leverage the expertise of the Center’s carnivore and wildlife biologists, biology and ecology University interns, and trained volunteers who can speak to the science of living harmoniously and factually with large carnivores, particularly those iconic to the Western United States such as bears, raptors, cougars, and wolves.

The Mobile Classroom & Theater is perfect for educators ranging from regional schools to parks, and would make a terrific addition to any corporate event. In addition, the Lab has a Mobile Response function that will seek out media events with particular attention to carnivore hot spots where a scientific response is essential to non-lethal solutions and preventing future conflicts.

Another attractive feature of the Mobile Classroom & Theater is the fact that it is an impressive traveling 22 foot billboard, inviting intrigue in every mile driven to events intended to inspire the next generation of biology, ecology, and wildlife enthusiasts and stewards. As a sponsor, that would mean your logo being seen in association with these important outcomes.

The Mobile Classroom & Theater is:
• Mountain lion, raptor, wolf, and bear taxidermy mounts,
• Mobile media center with flat screen television
• Production center and green screen for continued video production
• Traveling theater with storage for up to 40 folding chairs & 2 canopies
• Bright and attractive vinyl wrap that includes recognition of key sponsors

The Mobile Classroom & Theater will partner with:
• K-12 private and public schools with emphasis on middle & high school
• Regional and State Park Junior Ranger Programs & Events
• State, County, & Community Fairs and Events
• High traffic Wildlife, Recreation & Outdoor Shows
• Sponsored Corporate events
• Carnivore Hot Spots where media covers conflicts with carnivores

PHASE ONE: Regional Mobile Outreach Lab Construction Cost: $24,000  Annual Mobilization Plan: $24,000 Annual events targeted: Minimum of 12 and up to 20 per year Phase one costs and activities include outreach to State Science Education Associations (OSTA, ISTA, and WSTA) to explore frequent programs in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington Middle & High School biology, social studies, and civics classes. Seasonal opportunities include regional events that MSL would have to pay for entry. Corporate events are an opportunity to recoup cost through sponsorships that include one or more presentations, films, speaking engagements at company picnics, annual parties, and more. Hard costs include labor, fuel, and fees associated with events.

PHASE TWO:  Idaho Mobile Classroom & Theater – As Funded

PHASE THREE:  Washington Mobile Classroom & Theater –  As Funded