Curious about what wolf management looks like? Find out in this throwback RadioWild interview with Rob Klavins from Oregon Wild.

Oregon Wild’s Rob Klavins is not new to the subject of outdoor education and advocating for the conservation of wolves and other large carnivores. Are we at a breaking point? Is self-interest valid? In this episode, Alan and Chris present the questions that many people want to know about the management of wolves, their vital role in the state’s wildlife, and reactions to predation by this iconic species.

In this podcast episode, you can learn more about:

  • The polarized debate around wolves and livestock
  • Whether wolves pose a big threat to livestock or not
  • How the issue of wolves isn’t black or white, it’s more nuanced than people might think
  • The importance of living with animals that may be difficult or uncomfortable to live around
  • How one goes out and protects these wild places and animals

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