Check out this throwback episode of RadioWild where we chat with Brooks Fahy from Predator Defense.

In this episode, we talk with Brooks Fahy about important issues regarding predators across America. Wolves, coyotes, cougars, bobcats, and bears have been under the gun, quite literally, in many states. Brooks and his team at Predator Defense work tirelessly to defend these misunderstood and often persecuted animals.

Learn what Predator Defense is doing to protect these predators from these problems in this intriguing episode of RadioWild.

Hear about:

  • What Predator Defense does & its history
  • The relationship between hunters and ranchers and predators
  • If management is always necessary for these predators
  • The influence predators have on their habitats
  • What the equilibrium that predators bring to their habitats looks like

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