Canines can be essential team members when it comes to conservation. They’ve been able to help biologists protect habitats, identify diseased plants, find bats, and even locate invasive wildlife and keep them in one place so biologists can trap and remove them from an area.

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Marsh Conservation
Nutria cause major problems for marshes across the Gulf of Mexico coastline, Virginia, and Washington. Conservation canines can locate them so that biologists can remove them.
Citrus Crop Protection
Citrus Canker and Citrus Greening are two diseases that destroy citrus crops in the United States. Farmers used to have to destroy entire orchards to stop the spread of these diseases. With conservation canines helping out, the process is much easier. Dogs can identify which trees have the disease and which ones don’t.
Northern Quoll Conservation
Quolls are threatened by invasive cane toads in their habitat. Canines can locate quolls so scientists can protect their habitats and eliminate cane toads from them.
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