You already know that brushing teeth is important for humans, but what about for your dog? Taking care of your dog’s teeth is essential for them to live long, happy, healthy lives.

Dogs are at risk for periodontal disease. Most dogs will have early signs of it by the time they are three years old. Without treatment, things can get worse and affect their kidneys, liver, and heart.1

So what can be done?

Prevention is the best option.2

Make sure you’re taking your dog to the vet to check their teeth once a year.1To complement this, brush your dog’s teeth daily. The key is to remove the plaque on their teeth to stop it from becoming tartar that eventually turns into periodontal disease.2 Bacteria can build up on their teeth in 24-36 hours, so that’s why making toothbrushing a priority every day helps your dog steer clear of plaque and keep their teeth healthy.3

When brushing their teeth, make sure you select a soft, pet-friendly toothbrush and only use a pet toothpaste. Don’t use human toothpaste on your dogs.2Brushing their teeth will be easier when you start younger. Some treats and toys can also help clean your dog’s teeth.3

When dental problems are left untreated, it can cause a lot of pain for your dog. This can lead to behavior changes – especially irritability.1 Dental care isn’t something to ignore. Your dog’s happiness and health rely upon it.

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All the best,

Chris & the WERC Team