It’s a special time of year for family and that includes the furry members of our families too! Dogs have gone from wolves in the wild that hunted for themselves to our best friends that cuddle on the couch with us for hours.

In a way, we form our own packs with them, although they function differently than real wolf packs do.

Set aside some quality time for pack bonding! Here are some of the best ways to celebrate the holidays with your dog:

  • Homemade Treats 

It’s not the holidays without baking being part of it! There are lots of recipes out there to guide you when it comes to baking or cooking treats for your dog. Try your hand at making your own peanut butter biscuits for them or whip up some dog “ice cream”. You can even decorate them in a holiday theme with frosting made of honey, peanut butter, or even cheese!

Make sure you research any new foods you want to give your dog to make sure they can have them. The American Kennel Club has a list of safe and unsafe foods for dogs here.

  • Extra Cuddles! 

There really isn’t anything better than curling up on the couch all day, is there? When you find yourself with an afternoon or a day off, spend time with your dog by cuddling up with them. This strengthens the bond between you two. Plus, who doesn’t love getting warm and cuddly during the winter?

  • Take Extra Time on Your Walks 

Walks are an integral part of your daily routine with your dog.  With time constraints and daily life, we may not always have the time to go on as long of a walk as we’d like. Carve out some extra time for you and your dog to go on a longer walk.

With the holidays, there’s so much more to see and do while you’re out and about! Go check out the holiday lights people have set up in your neighborhood or explore a new area!

  • New Toys

Isn’t it the best when you buy your best canine friend a new toy and they love it? Well, it is the season for giving! When you’re out looking for a new toy, find something that challenges your dog, like a puzzle toy you can fill with treats. Not only does it provide entertainment, but it also encourages your dog to solve problems. Bonus points if you find something that also squeaks!

What are you planning to do for your furry friend? Share pictures with us and be sure to tag @passport2wildife!

All the best,
Chris & the WERC Team