You’ve probably heard before that learning new things helps strengthen your brain. Learning also can change your opinion on things, show you where assumptions were wrong, and introduce you to new possibilities.

When you learn new things, the world opens around you.

You see things in a way you didn’t before.

Similar to how a child might learn a cool fact about a certain animal and then when they see that animal in the wild or in a zoo, they’ll stop, look at them, and appreciate them when they wouldn’t have before.

There is so much information about wildlife out there. However, you might not spend time learning about animals that aren’t in your immediate vicinity. While some people might know all about the deer and cardinals that hang out in their yards, they might not spare a second thought about wolves or mountain lions.

When you don’t know that much about a species, it’s easy to make assumptions about that animal based on what you’ve heard from others and how that animal is portrayed in popular media. This can lead to some inaccurate information getting passed around.

At the Wolf Center, we’ve worked hard to shine a light on the truth about wolves and other North American carnivores. Not in a combative way – after all, that doesn’t get anyone anywhere – but in a way that’s fun, engaging, and enlightening. That way, we can dispel fears and wrong assumptions, and have people leave us armed with better information and more appreciation for the role wolves play in our environment.

We want to create change for our carnivores. We want to continue to connect with the public throughout the country so we can change minds and inspire people. We’ve been showing people the truth about wolves since 1996.

However, we cannot do it without your support, Chris.

Financial support from people like you, who love wolves and other carnivores as much we do, who love learning every week about wildlife, is what keeps us going. Without your support, we can’t do what we love, and can’t change minds about our carnivores.

When was the first time you learned something new about wolves or another carnivore? How did your perspective change about that animal?

Don’t you want others to have the same kind of moment?

It can only happen with your support.

Donate today with either a one-time or recurring donation (you can donate as frequently as weekly).

Your support means the world to us, Chris. Thank you.