Conservation has many facets and goals to it.

The first one you probably think of is preventing species from going extinct. However, it goes further than just species disappearing. Preventing the loss of biodiversity is also in play. This is because biological diversity can still be lost, even if a species doesn’t end up going extinct. If their habitat becomes very small, the whole ecosystem can lose certain functions that it would normally have.1

Another goal is to study how human action affects ecosystems and biological diversity and to create solutions to prevent more damage. Human action is closely linked to many environmental issues. This has led to things like:2

  • Habitat fragmentation/loss
  • Overharvesting
  • Invasive species

Through conservation, we can study these things and figure out solutions to prevent further damage and restore these habitats and their biodiversity. Because human action is at the heart of the issue, solutions are connected to the economy, law, social sciences, and more.1

Protecting our environment and our wildlife is important – and many efforts, ideas, and goals go into it. At the Wolf Center, we focus on education. We strive to bring you the best resources so you can learn about the environment and wildlife in a way that’s fun and engaging.

When we open hearts and minds, we build a better future for ourselves, our carnivores, and our wild spaces.

This is more important than ever before. 

Wolves need our help now, otherwise we’re bound to repeat history. Wolves were once brought to the brink of extinction and they’re at risk of the same fate once again. We’re determined to prevent that from ever happening again.

But we need your help to do it.

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