The second largest cat behind tigers is the lion! Did you know that there used to be lions in North America? They went extinct a long time ago.1 Lions can reach lengths of over six feet, and their tails add an extra two to three feet. They also weigh hundreds of pounds!2

Lions like grassland, savanna, and open woodland habitats. Today, they’re usually found in Africa, but they once could be found throughout Europe and Asia, too. When it comes to territory, the size of the territory they occupy is directly determined by the amount of prey. If there is a lot of prey around, they’ll have a smaller territory. If the prey is more spread out, they’ll have a bigger territory.3

One of the ways that lions protect their territory is through roaring. Their roars will warn others that this is their territory, and it can be heard from five miles away. Lions are unique for cats because they are social. They live in groups called prides.2 Most cats are solitary. Lions are the exception.

The females will usually do the hunting for the group. They’ll hunt down:3

  • Buffalo
  • Hippos
  • Zebras
  • Antelopes

All of the females will help raise the offspring in the pride. Lion cubs can’t survive on their own until they reach the age of two. Before then, there is a very high mortality rate – over 80%. Cubs will usually start to participate in hunting when they’re around a year old.3

Hunting in a group is a huge benefit for lions and other animals. Read more: Hunting Tactics of Solitary and Pack Hunters

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