The Wolf Education & Research Center

A howling experience awaits you!

Wolves. That's the first impression you'll get when you drive up the road to our Center. Often times, one of the female Owyhee Pack members will be checking out the commotion from the gravelly road.   Wilderness. Set apart in the heart of the Nez Perce Tribal Wilderness, the Wolf Center boasts a place among the trees and the meadow. Choose from miles of trails to explore and learn about the flora and fauna of the region.   Sanctuary. Disconnect from the devices (except for the camera) and bask in the presence of quiet. The only sounds you'll hear are the birds chirping, the bees buzzing, an an occasional howl to remind you where you are.

WERC is making an impact. Here's how:

Tourism.  Each year, over 3,000 people visit Wolf Camp to get face to face with the Owyhee Pack and learn from our staff. Ecology and biology make good partners with a sanctuary for humans and wolves alike! Get lost in the eyes of a wolf or along one of our trails filled with other wildlife.


Publication.  Four times a year, our team publishes a wealth of information about wolves, bears, cougars, raptors, and even where to stay and play when you're visiting us. The Sawtooth Legacy Quarterly is a handbook for enthusiasts of all interests and makes a great gift to a school, family, or friend.


Videos.  In addition to dozens of short videos titled Wolf Behavior 101, our film team produced The Great Wolf Divide: A Predator's Dilemma in 2014 followed by our current project The Great Predator Debate: A Nation's Dilemma. Click below to watch the trailer for this exciting new film that reveals the broad base of opinions that impact wolves and other predators. Our next project is titled The Great Predator Debate: A Nation's Resolve which will endeavor to discuss the solutions that we are capable of reaching for.

TRAILER: The Great Predator Debate, A Nation's Dilemma

TRAILER: The Great Predator Debate, A Nation's Dilemma from Sawtooth Legacy Films on Vimeo.

This film builds on The Great Wolf Divide, A Predator's Dilemma by broadening the discussion about how the history, benefits, and threats to predators such as bears, wolves, cats, and others. Hear from regional experts from State Fish & Game offices, advocates who've taken on the mantle of defending wildlife, educators who simply teach biology behind the animals, industry and recreation proponents---all of whom represent the varied positions and outcomes related to how we manage our wild places as humans encroach on habitat of essential species.

You can pre-order this film for $20.00 or order both The Great Wolf Divide and The Great Predator Debate for $30.00

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality captive animal care and education possible and to inspire greater public tolerance toward apex predators. We engage the public to support sustainable relationships with nature to become a social norm.

Our vision is a growing community who work toward a more sustainable relationship with nature. This is achieved through captive animal care, regional interpretive programs, and ongoing development of contemporary media. We partner with diverse culture and traditions to build a united and stronger future for all species.

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The most rewarding and exciting way to get involved with WERC is to visit! Schedule a tour and get face to face with real wolves while learning about their history, benefits and the threats all apex predators face in a developing world. Other opportunities involve donating toward our efforts, becoming an intern, and volunteering!

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Live Camera Feed

Come check out our brand new live camera feed.  We have two cameras inside the wolf enclosures.  Now even when you can't be here you can still see the Owyhee Pack.  Click on the picture to the right to go to camera page.

Upcoming Events

WAGTalks: First Monday of Each Month at Madrona Hill Cafe.
Join our Portland team on the first Monday of each month when Chris leads a discussion on various topics including wolves, owls, outreach, and hear from other leaders on subjects ranging from educational outreach, music, artwork, and even how we're exploring the use of nature to uplift those overcoming trauma.  Talks begin at 7:30pm the first Monday of each month at Madrona Hill Cafe in Portland, OR. Guests are encouraged to donate an animal toy for DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital or $5 toward our efforts.

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   Join us the first Monday of each month as we host RadioWild! RadioWild is a show that we host each month focusing on the crossroads of where conservation and enterprise meet.  Our goal is to reach a new audience of people and bring them into the conversation about conservation

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Making a trip there is on my Bucket List..but it will be soon! Don't want to wait any longer than I have to!

– Missy Fuhrman
A world of thanks too Jeremy and Chris for you work with wolves!

– Walter Eisenstein