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Our mission is to provide advocacy for wild wolf recovery and cultivate a greater collaboration between human industries and lifestyles that intersect with recovery and conservation efforts.

This documentary is about divisions that exist that resulted in the near destruction of a species, the forces that brought wolves back from the edge of extinction, and the polarizing positions among stakeholders. Set to the story of eleven wolves who brought the subject to our doorsteps in the mid-90's, this story is about what future we will choose while worldwide evidence of the perils of wrong human choices.

This is a story of eleven wolves known as The Sawtooth Pack: Wolves of the Nez Perce and how their legacy is threatened by the same forces that nearly eliminated their species.
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Contributors to this Documentary Include:
Dr. Ceiridwen Terrill, Concordia University, Author of Part Wild
Susanna Asha Stone, Former WERC Executive Director
Megan Parker, Former WERC Biologist
Jim Kelly, Blue Basin Beef, Oregon
Jeremy Heft, WERC Biologist & Site Manager
Chris Anderson, WERC President & Former Executive Director
Russ Morgan, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

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The Last Pack

Creating partnerships and tools for advocates is central to the Wolf Education & Research Center's future of impact. I'm excited to announce our adoption of The Last Pack: Restoring the Mexican Gray Wolf to the Wild. This puts WERC squarely on the front lines of this issue and reveals many aspects of the dialog that our public needs to understand. It's a complex issue and the producers of this film understand that complexity. If you're compelled to give toward it, make sure you do so on our website under DONATE and notate The Last Pack.


WERC, a 501(c)3 is a nonprofit partnership between site manager and biologist, Jeremy Heft & and organization President, Chris Anderson with the board of directors and public who support our educational outreach.

What people are saying
A world of thanks too Jeremy and Chris for you work with wolves!

– Walter Eisenstein
I sponsored Amani from the very start of the many years ago. Miss them all. Hoping and wishing to meet them in whatever afterlife there may be. Long live the Sawtooth Legacy and many thanks to the WERC.

– Karen Allred