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Our mission is to provide advocacy for wild wolf recovery and cultivate a greater collaboration between human industries and lifestyles that intersect with recovery and conservation efforts.

About WERC

Having cared for the Sawtooth Pack: Wolves of the Nez Perce since 1996, the Wolf Education & Research Center (WERC), the Idaho based nonprofit became a voice of education on the subject of captive wolf care, important ecology considerations, and the delicate harmony between human recreation, industry, and cultures and the vast wilderness that is home to many apex predators, among them wolves. Wolves are an iconic species that WERC uses to teach about these important contemporary issues with the backdrop of the history, benefits, and threats to all predators. Welcome. 

WERC, a 501(c)3 is a nonprofit partnership between site manager and biologist, Jeremy Heft & and organization President, Chris Anderson with the board of directors and public who support our educational outreach.

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The most rewarding and exciting way to get involved with WERC is to visit! Schedule a tour and get face to face with real wolves while learning about their history, benefits and the threats all apex predators face in a developing world. Other opportunities involve donating toward our efforts, becoming an intern, and volunteering!

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Summer Celebration

Each summer during the first full weekend of June, WERC holds a Summer Celebration. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend an evening and a day full of artists, authors, and experts celebrating and discussing apex predators in the Western United States. Mark your calendar and look for information in January about the event and how to register.



The Last Pack

Creating partnerships and tools for advocates is central to the Wolf Education & Research Center's future of impact. I'm excited to announce our adoption of The Last Pack: Restoring the Mexican Gray Wolf to the Wild. This puts WERC squarely on the front lines of this issue and reveals many aspects of the dialog that our public needs to understand. It's a complex issue and the producers of this film understand that complexity. If you're compelled to give toward it, make sure you do so on our website under DONATE and notate The Last Pack.


What people are saying
I sponsored Motomo it seems ages ago.....much love and respect to those who cared for them, and to the majestic wolves of the Sawtooth Pack.

– Missy McFall-Marshall
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to saving our wolves. And allowing me to be apart of this journey, having a voice, speaking out. I love being all God's creatures advocate, for they can't speak for themselves.

– Sherl Modglin